Lirik Lagu Rohani Angel of The Lord by Hillsong - Lirik angel of the lord. Syalom sahabat semua. Apa kabar? Semoga baik-baik saja, ya. Pada kesempatan ini saya akan menulis Lirik Lagu Rohani berjudul angel of the lord atau yang dalam bahasa Indonesia berari malaikat Tuhan.

angel of the lord

Lagu rohani ini dipopulerkan oleh hillsong, grup penyanyi asal Australia yang bertempat di Sydney. Lagu dengan judul angel of the lord ini merupakan salah satu lagu terpopuler dan sering dinyanyikan pada acara ibadah umat kristen.

Lirik Angel Of The Lord

The Lord's my Shepherd I have everything I need
Mercy and love follow me
Though I walk through the dark valley of death I will
Not be afraid for He's here

The Lord's my refuge no evil can come near me
Dwelling in His secret place
I put my trust in Him He is my shield I will
Let His peace rule in my heart


Surely the Angel of the Lord is around me
I have no cause to fear
My God will not forsake me

I am His/my Father's child, no enemy can touch me
I will not die but live to tell what He has done

He has ransomed me He gave me all authority
Power love and a sound mind
Strong in the Lord and the power of His might I will
Put on His armour and stand

(surely) All around me
(surely) Yes I will live, Yes I will live

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