Lirik Lagu Rohani God One and Only by Hillsong - Lirik god one and only. Lagu yang akan saya tuliskan liriknya tersebut apabila diartikan ke dalam bahasa Indonesia berarti Tuhan hanya satu. Lagu ini memiliki makna bahwa kita harus percaya kepada Tuhan yang Esa.

god one and only

Lagu rohani yang memiliki makna sangat mendalam tersebut merupakan karya dari grup vokal hillsong yang bermarkas di Sydney, Australia. Banyak karya-karya mereka yang melejit dan menjadi lagu pujian di seluruh dunia, termasuk lagu ini.

Lirik God One And Only

In a world that's lost and seeking
You're the answer to every need I know
It's You alone
I find a hope for all my life
I'm living as a sacrifice for You
In freedom and in truth

Always, I know
You are here and You live in me
In my life, You're the only one I need
Jesus I believe


You're the One who saved my soul
You gave me life so I Give it back to You My God
God One and only

Now I stand in Your salvation
I keep the faith and I fix my life on You
My hope is found in You Jesus

You chose the cross and You took my place
And I believe it
This is love that I can't explain
Yes I believe it

God One and only (3x)

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