Lirik Lagu Rohani Love One Another by Michael W Smith – Lirik love one another. Pada kesempatan kali ini saya akan menuliskan lirik lagu rohani berjudul love one another atau yang dalam bahasa Indonesia berarti mencintai satu sama lain yang dipopulerkan oleh Michael W Smith.

Michael W Smith merupakan penyanyi lagu kristen kontemporer asal Amerika Serikat yang memulai karir sejak tahun 1991. Maka dari itu, sudah banyak lagu rohani yang dia populerkan, termasuk lagu berjudul love one another berikut.

Lirik Love One Another

I had a dream that I was speaking
With a prophet from the land of wise
In a crowd of people from the land of troubled hearts
I said we’ve come here for answers

A solution to our world’s demise
He said the journey would be long
But here as where you start


Love one another
Love one another
Work it in to work it out
There could never be enough
Love one another
Love one another
‘cause you know without a doubt
You can change your world with love

It was a simple conclusion
But I thought that it was rather profound
Just a fundamental law that we should all live by
I took it in to tomorrow
Yea, I walked the earth but I never found
Any corner of the world
Where this did not apply

And looking out I saw no method to the madness there
Like in a vision from the isle of patmos, I was scared
It was a revelation
Love is getting rare

The people of the land united
And in my dream we all agreed
That we should start again
And this would be our creed…

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Itulah lirik lagu dengan judul love one another atau yang artinya mencintai satu sama lain dalam bahasa Indonesia. Lagu yang sering dinyanyikan pada kegiatan sekolah minggu, ibadah kaum ibu dan sebagainya.


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